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Curriculum Vitae

Name:                          Kobina Wright 

Place of Birth:             Orange, California, USA


 California State Univ., Fullerton Communications/Journalism      BA 

 The University of Georgia, Athens                                 Journalism                    

N/A Gloria Gifford Conservatory of PA                       Acting                          

Second Stage Theater                                        Improv/Comedy            


 2012 Watch Space/Surface Arts – Chiang Mai, Thailand 



 2016   Small Works: Real and Unreal, Corner Gallery, Huntington Beach, California, USA    

2015   STATIC!, Prince Hall, Santa Ana, California, USA   

2012   Kobiphysics: An Art Show, Huntington Beach Central Library, Huntington Beach, CA, USA 


 2019   Visual AIDS, Bortolami Gallery, New York, NY USA   Uncooked Culture, El Soto Restaurant, Andalucia, Spain   

2018   Visual AIDS, Gallery 524, New York, NY, USA    

2017   Flat Rate Box, Modified Arts Phoenix, Arizona, USA      

 Visual AIDS, Metro Pictures, New York, NY, USA     

2016   Visual AIDS, Sikkema Jenkins & Co, New York, NY, USA   

 2015   Visual AIDS, Luhring Augustine, New York, NY, USA   

 Circus in Terminal 15, RR Gallery / St. Peter’s Church Notting Hill, London, England   

 2014   Circus Terminal WORLDWIDE, De Hal Multipurpose Room, Paramaribo, Suriname       

Circus Terminal WORLDWIDE, The Cultural & Artistic Association 204, Piran, Slovenia       

Circus Terminal WORLDWIDE, Fringe Festival, Wellington, New Zealand      

2013   Circus Terminal WORLDWIDE, Outsider Gallery, Amsterdam, Amsterdam       

Circus Terminal WORLDWIDE, Studio B, Boyertown, Pennsylvania, USA   

 2012   Circus Terminal WORLDWIDE, Chateau Corbin, Liverdun, France   

Circus Terminal WORLDWIDE, Sangdee Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand 


2018 “Girl’s Dresser – 1991,” Lunch Ticket, Issue 14: Winter/Spring 2019, Jessica Abughattas https://lunchticket.org/girls-dresser-1991/ 

 2017 Dripping Up Yellow, Permafrost Issue 38.2 https://permafrostmag.uaf.edu/online-issues/permafrost-issue- 38-2/dripping-up-yellow/ 

 Structured, Ascent Aspirations Magazine, February 10, 2017, http://www.davidpfraser.ca/fridays-poems- 2017.html 

 2016 “The Farm,” First Class Literary Magazine https://firstclasslit.wordpress.com/2016/07/05/the-farm-is- what-fed/ 

 Sacrifice 38 #20 and #23, Blue Mesa Review, Issue #33, http://bluemesareview.org/issues/issue-no- 33/artwork/ 

 This Body’s Map, Room Magazine, Volume 39.4, Chelene Knight, https://roommagazine.com/issues/bodys-map 

 2013 Boxcar Poetry Review, “Cali Free – Ocean,” and “Cali Free – Softer” ISSN 1931-1761 

Crack the Spine, Issue 61, April 21, 2013, Edited by Kerri Farrell Foley 

2009 The Abridged Hodaoa-Anibo Dictionary, by Kobina Wright, Dramatic Pause Publishing, 

A Crime and a Simplification of Something Sublime, by Kobina Wright and L.B. Lacey, Dramatic Pause Publishing 

2006 Hodaoa-Anibo Free Book, by Kobina Wright, Dramatic Pause Publishing